Wave of Accidents and Costs in Citizens’ Pockets ”Appeal for Third Party Liability Insurance!

While the situation of accidents in the country is still present, even worrying, the Albanian Insurance Association comes out with an appeal to all citizens to be careful with the traffic on the road. Specifically, by respecting turnover rates, by placing the seatbelt but at the same time taking steps to prevent this risk by performing liability insurance against third parties.

Albanian citizens continue to abuse the high speed, which becomes the leading killer in accidents.

3373 driving licenses were suspended only in the first six months of this year, due to non-compliance with permitted speeds by drivers, while last year, in most cases only for speeding, 16 thousand 900 were suspended driving licenses.

Citizens must at least be aware of this phenomenon, carry always liability insurance against third parties, as not only can the accident cause injury to the person causing the accident, but also to the other party, or unfortunately involve some occasional passerby.

An accident, in addition to material or physical consequences, also results in high financial costs for the person responsible for the accident, which further deepens the event.


Company’s help executives relinquish this responsibility by taking over the damage they have caused.


“Third party liability insurance protects us by providing financial guarantees and payment for any material damage.

Failure to do so automatically causes the offender to pay out of pocket for any damage caused to third parties in the event of an accident. ”

According to AFSA official data, motor vehicle insurance claims for 2018 accounted for 82% of claims paid, an unchanged figure compared to 2017. The highest damages, for all lines business, insurance companies, cover material damages combined with health damages due to road accidents.

Only in the first 5 months of this year, according to INSTAT, the total number of road accident victims for the 5-month period January-May 2019 was 583 (up from 659 persons or 11.5% less than the same period. of 2018) of which 493 accidents were due to traffic violations by drivers and 90 accidents due to pedestrian behavior.

According to INSTAT data, in June 2019, the number of deaths from road accidents is 26 people, out of 20 deaths registered in June 2018.

In June of this year, unfortunately almost every day is marked a casualty on the street!