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UNIQA Insurance Group

Since 2007, SIGAL is part of one of the largest financial groups in Austria, UNIQA Insurance Group which is the biggest shareholder by owning around 87% of shares. UNIQA GROUP is one of the leading companies of insurance market in Austria and in Central and Eastern Europe. Over 20,000 employees serve to 10 million customers in 18 states, by which 15 Central and Eastern Europe countries.

The Austrian giant of insurances, with a history of over 200 years of experience in the insurance market owns 32 billion euros in assets and over 7 billion euros in premiums each year.
By 21% of the market, UNIQA is the second biggest company in Austria. In 2016, UNIQA Group launched its challenging programme of last decades titled “UNIQA 2.0”, which consisted of an 500 million of euros investment to enhance the company’s processes and products to be re-oriented according to the customer’s needs and expectations by compassing its activities and operations to digital transformation of the company.


200 Experience Years
18 Country
22400 Employee
16 Million Clients