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SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria

SIGAL Sh.a was founded in 1999, immediately after the market liberalization of insurance market in Albania and then it was renamed SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria, by a group of local investors under the leadership of Mr Avni Ponari, a well-known personality in the insurance market as well as of several businesses with great economic impact in the country.

Thanks to its par excellence strategy, business model, financial management by its directors and its strong hardworking employees, SIGAL Sh.a Company grew extensively by reaching a dominant and powerful position thus transforming it into the biggest Insurances Company in the country and leading the insurance market of about 30%.

SIGAL Sh.a was the first company to attract for the first time the attention and capitalizing potential of foreign investors in the private insurance market, initially through the Albanian-American Fund of Enterprise that acquired 13.3% of company’s shares and then followed by the Austrian giant of insurances in all Southeast Europe, UNIQA Group Austria.

In 2007, SIGAL Sh.a and UNIQA Group Austria signed an Agreement, by transforming it in the biggest shareholder of the company owning 86.9% of company’s stocks, whereas 13.1% is owned by domestic capital. UNIQA Group Austria counts over 20 thousand of employees, 10.1 million clients, 33 billion euro in assets and over 7 billion euro premiums per year.

This excellent partnership has contributed to ranking SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria sh.a today as a leader company, the most successful, the biggest and the most reliable in its Life and Non-Life insurances, as assessed by its large network of clients and partners.

SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria has been is composed of a group of eight Life and Non-Life Insurance Companies, Re Insurances and Pension Funds. Today SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria is the only company that offers all classes of insurance with a total of 42 products, counting around 1,500 employees and agents where it operates and over 900 offices where it conducts its business activities, respectively in three countries: Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria is the biggest and most reliable Insurance Company

History of SIGAL


SIGAL creation

SIGAL sh.a was established on February 22, 1999 following the liberalization of the Albanian insurance market.


The first foreign shareholder

SIGAL is the leader in the insurance market with 31%. The Albanian-American Enterprise Fund became the first foreign shareholder. SIGAL also expanded its activity in Kosovo through SIGAL Kosovo.


SIGAL expands its activity

Two new companies are opening in Albania and Macedonia, SIGAL Life Albania and SIGAL Macedonia.


Part of UNIQA Insurance Group

UNIQA bought 46.8% of SIGAL UNIQA shares.


3 new companies are created

Private pensions in Albania and life insurance in Kosovo and Macedonia are offered.


UNIQA becomes the largest shareholder

UNIQA owns 86.9% of SIGAL UNIQA shares.


20th Anniversary of SIGAL UNIQA