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Engineering Insurance

Your investment is exposed to constant unforeseen events and happenings, from weather conditions and unforeseen earth layers movements, on which you build your foundations of your works to negligence due to human capital, in an accurate and strict implementation of the project, insurance regulations in construction, in erection all costs etc.

In order to share the burden of such risk as Lloyd’s founders did ages ago. They were simply some small merchandise traders and they co-shared the risks with each other by a gentlemen agreement, you as well need a partner.

This partner can be found only in SIGAL who is willing to pay special attention to unforeseen detailed and events so that you can further advance in achieving on time the implementation of all of your projects. You cannot simply think, what would be the loss in cases of object impairment by natural causes, earthquake, floods, earth sliding or fire, explosion, theft or a negligent employee. And this is because, SIGAL offers a wide range of insurance products such as construction all cost insurance, erection all cost insurance, third parties liability in the project, machinery insurance, insurance from “loss of profit due to machinery impairment” etc.

Constructors’ All Risk Insurance

This product is for all constructors of buildings, fabrics, plants, airports, bridges, highways. The insurance policy offers insurance coverage from all risks during the construction phase of an object and also for a given guarantee period after the finalization of works. The coverage includes caused damages by the insured (the contractor or sub constructor of works), as well as damages that the insured can cause to third parties.

How much does it cost?

The premiums for this insurance vary from 0,005% up to 0,6% of the inured amount depending on the type of the object, the nature of the object, construction conditions, value of contracted work and work-related machinery, liability limit as well as the construction and guarantee validity period

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Erection All Risk Insurance

Through this insurance policy, the insurance coverage offered by SIGAL UNIQA pays off the damage of works during all phases of erection of machines and equipment for industrial objects. In addition, we will also pay for damages caused to third parties, either as physical injury's and property damages, as well as the waste cleaning costs caused to an insured case.

How much does it cost?

The premiums for such insurance varies from 0,1% of the insured amount up to 0,5% of the insured amount depending of the erection all cost that will actually happen.

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Machinery Insurance


This is the policy through which all machineries in industrial areas are insured. We take coverage responsibility or substitution of losses of physical injuries caused unexpectedly by the machineries and accidents during the work processes.

How much does it cost?

The premium for this insurance varies from 0,2% up to 0,5% of the insured amount, depending on the erection all cost that will happen.

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