Who is EuropeAssistance?

▣ Europassistance is present in 208 countries across the world.
▣ EA is present in all EU countries, the United Kingdom, Russia (Moscow and Saint Petersburg), Serbia, North Macedonia, Turkey and recently also in Albania, through SIGAL UNIQA.
▣ It serves 24/7 around 300 million customers
▣ Around 750,000 partners
▣ In 2019, it treated 10 million different cases through its partners.

How to use SIGAL UNIQA AutoSOS?

SIGAL UNIQA AutoSOS offers reliable road and safe assistance
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
To contact AutoSOS, please call:

1.Innovation in the Albanian market

SIGAL UNIQA brings for the first time in Albania the Road Assistance service for Europe, in cooperation with Europassistance.

2.Duration of service as needed

This type of service is available for periods of 1 month or 1 year depending on the client’s needs.

3.Flexible service packages

Road assistance is offered as a separate service or combined with:
1. Green Card
2. Border Insurance
3. MTPL Insurance

AutoSOS in Albania Yearly
24/7 Contact Centre - (Unlimited)
On-site repair - (2 events / year €100 per event)
Tolling service (2 events / year €100 per event)
AutoSOS in Europe Monthly
24/7 Contact Centre (Unlimited)
On-site repair - (1 event / month, €200 per event)
Tolling service (1 event / month, €200 per event)
Replacement of the vehicle in case of an accident* - (1 event / month, 2 days, maximum €50 / day)
Parking - (1 event / month, 2 days / event)
Hotel accommodation* - (1 event / month, 3 days, maximum €50 / night)
Repatriation by train / plane or journey to arrival* - (1 event / month, €200 / event)
Taxi - (1 event/month, 100€/event)
AutoSOS in Europe Yearly
24/7 Contact Centre - (Unlimited)
On-site repair - (2 events / year, €200 per event)
Tolling service (2 events / year, €200 per event)
Vehicle replacement in case of an accident* - (1 event/year, 2 days, maximum €50/day)
Parking - (1 event/year, 2 days/event)
Hotel accommodation* - (1 event/year, 3 days, maximum €50/night)
Repatriation by train/airplane or journey to arrival* - (1 event/year, €200/event)
Taxi - (1 event / year, 100 € / event)

Note: In any event, the customer can select only one of these services:
Vehicle replacement or hotel accommodation or continuation of the trip.

Coverages needed by your car for your peace of mind while traveling

Services provided by Roadside Assistance

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24/7 contact centre

Information service and organization of assistance services excluding reimbursement of expenses.

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On-site repair

If the vehicle has a problem that can be repaired on the spot, (e.g., battery problems, flat tire, etc.).

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Tolling service

If the vehicle has a defect or is involved in an accident, it is transported to the nearest authorized service point

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Vehicle replacement in case of accident*

We replace the vehicle when it is not possible to repair the vehicle within one day and if the accident occurred at a distance of more than 50 km from the driver's location. Vehicle per day, 50 Euros.

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Parking vehicles when the selected service is closed, and the wheelchair service is completed.<br />
Parking for the vehicle will be provided until the service is opened.

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Hotel accommodation*

Hotel accommodation in cases where it is impossible to repair the vehicle in 1 day and the distance of the place where the accident happened is more than 150 km from the location.

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Repatriation by train/plane or journey on arrival*

Continuation of the journey

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Continuation of the journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy the AutoSos service?

AutoSOS is only valid for:</p>
<li>B1 category vehicles.</li>
<li>Microbus of category B2, up to 8+1 seats.</li>