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Small and Medium Business (SME) Insurance Package

Having a small or medium business has its challenges so at SIGAL UNIQA we have built insurance packages for you.

According to Albanian law, any business that has an annual turnover of up to 250 million ALL is considered SME business.

What Products Do We Offer To You?

We recommend the following assurances:

  • Work accident insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Life insurance in savings
  • Extra private pension

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Property insurances in cases of:

  • Fire, floods, earthquake, glass breakage
  • Damage/loss of commodities t
  • Physical inventory damage

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  • Public
  • Professional
  • Product
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Employers

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Do you have any question?

Please contact our customer service:

Tel: +355 4 22 33 308
Whatsapp: +355 68 606 2829
Auto Insurance Claim: +355 68 408 8436
Green Number: 0800 31 31

Monday to Sunday 24h/day.
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Insure the goods against all shipping hazards:

  • Ground
  • Air
  • Marine

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Siguroni biznesin në rast:

  • Compulsory Insurance (TPL, Green Card, Border Insurance)
  • Mini Casco and Full Casco
  • Vehicle location tracking system

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In order for you not to block your money, request the insurances of:

  • Offer Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Contract Guarantee
  • Customs Guarantee
  • Quality Guarantee

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Frequent changes of climate conditions exposes the agricultural and farming sectors against natural disasters.

Farmer’s or business owners’ losses of these sectors might be unaffordable, risking the business continuity.

In order to avoid such concerns, and to keep a sustainable production, the insurances provided by SIGAL UNIQA against different risks in agriculture and farming is a necessity.

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Indemnify the Insured against the Insured's legal liability as a transportation company under the terms of this insurance contract based on the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) Gene 19 May 1956, Albanian Law No. 9503 dated 3 April 2006 and Protocol to the CMR Convention 5 July 1978 acceded by the Republic of Albania to Law No. 9624 dated 16 October 2006

  • Loss, destruction, fire
  • Accidental damage to the goods and / or containers (including all means of care, control or safeguarding of the Insured) resulting from the carrier's actions or omissions.

General Conditions

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Liability insurance of third parties for small floating vehicles.

  • Law No. 10076, dated 12.02.2009 “On compulsory insurance in the transport sector”, hereinafter will be shortly titled the Law. The regulation of the Financial Supervisory Authority approved by the Decision No. 53, dated 25.06.2009 “On damage treatment coverages from compulsory insurance contracts in the transport sector.”
  • General Contract Conditions for compulsory insurance for water motor holders (JET), boats, yachts, motorboats, for their liability towards third parties.

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