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Health Care

SIGAL UNIQA has built the first and the only Mobile Truck Health Clinic in Albania, which offers a wide range of medical examinations, such as medical visits, echo, blood measures, ORL visit etc. Since 2015, SIGAL UNIQA’s Mobile Truck Health Clinic has provided free of charge medical assistance to hundreds and thousands of customers and citizens in all over Albania.

Profili i Klinikes Levizese SIGAL UNIQA

Cultural heritage

We highly appreciate the cultural values and heritage of our country. In this framework, in 2012, we financially supported the restauration of one of the most traditional houses in Mangalem neighbourhood, in Berat, now an asset of SIGAL UNIQA. With its restored identity and the deserved image, these typical buildings have been included again in the cultural attractive list that these important localities offer to the Albanian tourism.

Since 2009, SIGAL UNIQA’s Art and Culture Club has served as a promoter of many young artists as well as the affirmed artists in the areas of literature, music, and visual arts. During 2012, the Art and Cultural Club has organised tens of cultural events including exhibitions of paintings, musical evenings, artists’ profiles, books’ launching and promotions as well as seminars on different topics of interest.

SIGAL UNIQA’s Art and Culture Club is at the same time a Book House, an Art Gallery, and a Musical Chamber; or as we can say it, a place that gathers together the three art genres to provide some satisfactory attractive and smoothing hours as well as a way to get to know the young artists and the latest works of arts of the Albanian and foreign artists. Since 2013, the Art and Culture Club was joint by the String Orchestra composed of 15 professional artists.

  • Book launching and promotion
  • Chamber music
  • Visual art exhibitions
  • Workshops

Art Club Brochure 2017
Art Club Brochure 2016
Art Club Brochure 2014-2015 
Art Club Brochure 2013


We deeply believe in the sustainable development and this is the motto of our everyday activities. The environment issues are many and complex and we see their solution through close collaboration with state institutions, NGOs, and we contribute in this direction by awareness raising and educating the public. In this framework, SIGAL UNIQA has continually supported environmental initiatives and activities aiming at raising the public awareness, the legal amendments and straightforward actions on environmental protection and improvement.


Since many years, we are the official sponsor of different basketball and football teams and of the Albanian Federation of Football and the Albanian Federation of Basketball. One of the teams supported by SIGAL UNIQA in Kosovo, SIGAL Pristina is for many years now a champion. During the years, we have supported different sport genres such as water sports, car racings, athletics and hiking (the Albanian expedition to the Everest Mountain, the Kosovar expedition to Kaçkalar Mountain, in Turkey).


SIGAL UNIQA is a partner of public and private universities in the country by participating in work fairs and different seminars as well as through offering coaching practices at SIGAL UNIQ’s Head Offices. The work fairs organised by different universities has served as the first meeting point with some of the young talents who are now part of SIGAL UNIQA.

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