Eat breakfast of emperors!

When we are hungry, concentration drops because the brain needs a lot of energy. A “snack” in the morning prevents performance from falling between breakfast and lunch by providing energy and nutrients to the brain.

4 capital of a healthy snack
A healthy snack to take with you to school should always consist of the following 4 food groups:

Bread: biscuits or cereal breads, cereals mixed with dried fruit for breakfast or the like;
Milk and cheese: cheese or milk, yogurt, milk butter, cottage cheese, cream cheese or the like, as well as sausage or raw sausages;
Fresh fruits and vegetables: sprinkled and cut into pieces;
Drinks: water, sweetened fruit teas or herbal teas.

The size of your baby’s hand will be the measure of the amount you need to serve: ½ with cereal, spicy on top or a loaf of bread and an apple hand cut with enough energy for the second half of the morning.

Water helps to think
Those who do not drink enough get tired faster because the brain reacts to dehydration as it does when it is hungry: with loss of concentration. The ideal drink for school children is tap water or mineral water. Mineral water, unsweetened fruit tea or herbal tea and diluted fruit juices are a common variety of drinking routine during the day. Inappropriate are lemonade and energy drinks (due to their high sugar content) as well as coffee, green tea and black tea (due to their stimulating effect).

Eat breakfast of emperors
In the morning the power reserve is empty after sleep. A good and balanced breakfast will provide useful energy. Limits, which do not take much work to prepare, would be ideal.

Food for the brain
The brain consumes 1/5 of our energy. Most important is the supply of brain cells with all the substances it needs. The basis for good performance and increased concentration are some balanced daily meals and small distance from each other. Cereal products are a very good source of energy for the brain. They protect brain cells for the importance they place on concentration, attention and good humor. Beware the quality! The best quality, high in minerals and vitamins.

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