SENSITIVE CALL For securing FUEL and GAS points

2 events and over 6 injured in the last 72 hours

Fuel trading points – oil, gasoline, gas and their by-products – are one of the main pillars of the country’s transport economy. Despite the latest technological developments on the future of mobility and on the changes taking place in business models, the degree of motorization of society around the world has increased tremendously due to economic growth and purchasing power, especially in developing countries, including Albania. In the last few decades alone, the rate of motorization globally has increased by 25%.


Albania is no exception to global trends, especially due to the increase in the overall economic welfare of the last 30 years, the ownership of personal cars and the limited use of the urban transport system and new bicycle lanes. Although wider coverage of the territory with urban transport lines has already been achieved, it is still regarded by most citizens as inefficient and too slow to capture the ‘pace of modern life’. Consequently, Albanians continue to be hectic users of personal cars.




Why is insurance needed?

Fuel trading points and its by-products represent a huge economic potential for fuel businesses to succeed and profit. However, any activity associated with the fuel industry is exposed to many risks and volatility. These products are in themselves very dangerous and sensitive materials that require maximum precautions and care. To protect your investment, assets and work, as well as your civil legal liability for damages that you may cause to third parties, you need to be insured.


In Albania, nationwide, there are about 1,500 gas and gas stations that are built and are operational along all major axes in the country, located on highways and highways, outside residential areas, but as we know very well they are also located within cities in densely populated areas where there is a high mobility of vehicles and citizens. This situation presents multiple risks with tragic consequences of property (s), injury or even loss of life in the event of accidents for reasons such as fire, gas leak, explosions, storms etc.


Currently only about 100 of these points are insured, leaving over 99% of them completely exposed to any accident and danger. Fines for not being covered by insurance policies range from ALL 200,000 – 250,000, perhaps a small sum to be paid in immediate, but exceptional situations in the event of a major disaster. In the last 72 hours alone we saw two events with over 6 injured, fortunately out of danger of life, due to the blaze of a gas station on the Lezha-Lac highway and a car that was running gas near a gas station in Tirana.

Securing means guaranteeing the financial protection of the investment, continuing the business against any losses you may not be able to pay in other ways and providing a mechanism through which individuals / third parties receive compensation for damages incurred, such as by replacing their income and making it possible to live a normal life, or by providing funds to restore properties to the value they have been damaged.


What does SIGAL UNIQA offer?

SIGAL UNIQA GROUP AUSTRIA offers insurance (s) that protects you against a lawful liability for damages, costs and expenses in accordance with claims for damages caused to third parties. We will be your partner to assist and support you with comprehensive product and service packages, providing what works best for you:


Public liability insurance

Property insurance against fire and natural hazards



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