Mothers and fathers, superheroes of Real Life


You can heal an uncomfortable wrist with a single kiss, know all the answers, beat any monster, whether it lives under the bed or in the toilet, have a thousand wings, or at least as many shoulders as you need to be supported, and if all that is not enough, you must complete your work obligations and the care your home requires. Oh … even those sleepless days. However, even superheroes have to reclaim their superpowers.

Yes, we all know, in a hectic family life is not so easy as allowing you a short break, because there is always something to do. It is always necessary to remove any distraction, small or large, or tossing diapers and someone must finally put a stop to this chaos that lasts from nursing to college.

Because you, as superheroes, always think first about others. Here’s how you should look at this job: if you are under constant stress, this is not only bad for you, but also for your children.


The more relaxed you are, the better your children will be as well

Children are very sensitive to their parents’ emotions. They feel it directly if Mom or Dad are worried and this situation is transmitted to their children as well. Young children, in particular, often respond physically to this stress such as: abdominal pain, headaches or sleep disturbances.

Children like to behave like their parents. Of course, if your kids wear mommy or daddy’s shoes this is fun. But if your child is frenetically running with aggressive gestures, then you need to do something to change the situation.

Canned stress can be dismissed in conflicts with your partner or children. Of course, young children do not understand why Mom or Dad are upset or why they speak aloud. They think if they have done anything wrong, they are scared and feel insecure. In extreme cases, children are completely trapped in their shell and ‘become like a rat’.

If you as a parent are well-balanced and relaxed, this positive emotional state will also be transferred to your children. As is often the case: you do not have time, but you have to find the time.

Tips for a more relaxed daily life
· Friends and family
Ask your grandparents or relatives to take care of your children for an hour. Ask your neighbors if they can help you with something while you can go shopping. Get your best friend to do something no matter why you do it alone.

Make a move
Today, children are offered everything their heart desires: baby yoga, gymnastics, swimming … What about you? Maybe you think it’s enough to ‘run’ that you have to do after the wind whirl your kids leave behind and clear this mess. But it is equally important that you do something for yourself. That one hour you achieved for yourself in point 1 above, get used to any small sport, preferably in the fresh air. Go out for a run or do yoga in the park.

Make use of childcare services occasionally
Often, gyms or shopping centers create and provide professional and trusted childcare services. Thus, you can focus on training, shopping, while your children will enjoy meeting new children and making more friends.

“Steal” some time for yourself
Suppose your partner is taking care of your children while you are doing some government work, but you end 30 minutes ahead of time. Don’t run home, but use these precious 30 minutes for yourself: take a short stroll or have a coffee. Try it!

Take a breath
Take time to breathe in the fresh air, but also when you are indoors, for example while your children are sleeping. Start with small things and invest 5 minutes to relax or breathe calmly.