SIGAL UNIQA’s achievements in technology & innovation

SIGAL UNIQA is not only the largest and most trusted insurance company in Albania but also an innovative company and technological developments.

As such, many other institutions, educational and business, refer to it as an example to follow in technological developments, customer service, management and leadership.

The General Director of SIGAL UNIQA, Mr. Avni Ponari, was invited to the “Albanian Studies Day” organized by the European University of Tirana. Mr. Ponari spoke about SIGAL UNIQA’s achievements in technology and innovation and how technology is affecting the development of the businesses he runs. Since March, SIGAL has begun the promotion of its products at Top Channel most viewed tv show “E diell”

The promotion comes in a new, more interactive and dialogical way, not just classic ads. Health insurance, home insurance, Casco Car insurance, focusing on purchasing these insurances online, are the products promoted so far.

You can find promotional videos on Sigal’s facebook page on youtube and follow them on Top Channel live on Sundays on “E diell”