AMF: Beware of border insurances! ! Valid only the ones from insurance agents

Many immigrants or tourists entering and travelling to Albania for holidays or other purposes should beware of purchasing border insurance policies.

The AMF (financial supervisory authority) in Albania   has come up with an announcemnt  that draws the attention of drivers entering the Albanian territory to foreign license plates, to be aware where they purchase the border insurance. Only by licensed agents they can get the legal one.

“At every border crossing point within the Albanian territory there are agents of insurance companies where you can get border police. – reads the AMF announcement.

Careful! Any border insurance that may be offered without access to the territory of the Republic of Albania, or which is completed by hand and not by electronic means, is in violation of the rules of the Albanian legislation and as such is invalid.

For a border insurance to be valid, it must be listed in the online register on the AMF official website.

How does a valid border insurance differ?

The policy serial number is unique and should start with the last two digits of the current year. (Example: Year 2019 = 19xxxxxxx). Border insurance policy is written in electronic format and in no case handwritten.

The AMF says that the insurance policy has a unique identifier in the online compulsory vehicle insurance sales online register with the security elements.

Insurance companies report and identify real-time border insurances sold online through the online sales register.

They can do so through the Authority’s official website,, under the heading “Verify your Policy”, following all the necessary steps, or by texting your license plate number to +355694060671.


By means of border insurances, insurance companies make it possible to cover the material and health damages that may be caused to third parties as a result of the use of vehicles with foreign license plates circulating within the territory of Albania, who do not possess a Green Card covering the area of ​​Albania from their country of origin.

Through this compulsory insurance they transfer the risk to the insurance companies in Albania.

Payment for such damages shall be made in accordance with Law no. 10076, dated 12.02.2009, “On Compulsory Insurance in the Transport Sector”. The vehicle category is based on the vehicle data in the circulation permit.