Ready for vacation? Did you forget anything?

List of things to do before you go on vacation

Start your vacation without stress and worry

Enjoy everything!


Applying for a visa (when required), making sure your credit card is activated, booking your place of residence or organizing home care … and a bunch of endless things you’ll need before you go on vacation. It is no wonder that, often after departure, the question may not come to your mind: Have I forgotten anything?


Start your stress-free and worry-free vacation with our list of internships. Here’s a list of the most essential and necessary things you need to do before you go on vacation. Just print a copy, follow it step by step, and then you’ll be ready to get started. We wish you a memorable journey and experience.


3-4 weeks before departure

  • Check the validity of your passport;
  • In many countries it is not only sufficient for your passport to have expired but it must be valid for a specified period of time, eg 6 months. Issuance of a new passport may take about 5 days, but should not be left in the last moment;
  • Get a visa on time if you are traveling to a country that you cannot access without a visa;
  • Apply for an international driver’s license (if you are traveling by car) or if you have one, check its validity as in the case of a passport;
  • Take your Travel Health Insurance or if you do not have one you can view it directly online by clicking on:



  • Buy compulsory car insurance online – Green Card – by SIGAL UNIQA by clicking on:


  • Or, if you have a Green Card, check if it is still valid
  • Be aware of vaccinations or health checks that you may need to make prior to departure;
  • For example, some vaccines such as those for tetanus or malaria may be administered only a few days before departure, but for others such as in the case of hepatitis B or against rabies they should be administered at least four weeks before departure;
  • Be aware of the legal requirements of your holiday destination and the health precautions you should take;
  • Keep emergency numbers with you at your holiday destination;
  • If you are traveling by car: Check all the parameters of your vehicle’s condition;
  • Check if your car navigation device can find the address of your destination or route etc.


2-7 days before departure

  • Make sure you hand over a spare key for your apartment to a trusted person;
  • Ask this person or your neighbor to periodically inspect your home, at least externally, to avoid long-term absence signs such as leaflets or advertisements left at your door that are visible to you. anyone.
  • If you have not yet secured your apartment from any unexpected happenings, go online by clicking: -shtepise /
  • In case of emergencies: create a list of descriptions of precious things in your apartment or apartment;
  • Save the money you will need during your holiday in the currency of your travel destination;
  • Check for mobile charges applicable abroad such as roaming etc;
  • Make copies of the most important documents, eg your passport;
  • Take your first aid kit with you;
  • Share your vacation address or route with your relatives on a case-by-case basis;
  • If traveling by air, carefully read the luggage regulations (how much luggage is allowed, weight, size, extra luggage, etc.);
  • Check-in online;
  • Organizing airport taxi transport.

Immediately after leaving your apartment

  • Activate the alarm (if you have one);
  • Make sure all electrical equipment is switched off;
  • Make sure all water faucets and gas stoves (if any) are closed;
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed.


Be careful!

Do not post your journey on social media. Thieves use Facebook and other social media apps to spy on the movements of their theft victims.


Luggage – what to travel with

  • passport;
  • Your ID, ID Card;
  • Visa (for places that may be required);
  • Copies of the most important documents;
  • Tickets and confirmation of hotel reservation;
  • Payment methods: cash or card;
  • Medicines and first aid kit;
  • Plug-in adapters to your travel destination (eg three-hole adapters as required in the US and UK etc);
  • Destination country travel guide and orientation map.

Do you want to feel safe and comfortable during the holidays?

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