Optimal holiday pharmacy!

By taking with you a well-organized first aid kit, you can treat yourself, your children or other family members to minor injuries or simple health conditions. The composition of your package with lotions, medications and bandages depends on the desirability of your trip and your personal needs. Pregnant women have different needs from those of children, the elderly or other persons with clinical illnesses. But don’t forget to take it with you to your travel pharmacy:

Pain medicines and fever

Medications for cough and flu

Nose Spray to help you balance pressure from air travel

Medications against mouth and throat infections

Medications against diarrhea and abdominal pain

Digestive medications such as constipation or heartburn

Travel sickness medications

Allergy medications

Eye drops for dry eyes or against eye swelling

Mosquito repellent and insect repellent

Cleanser for wounds and cure

Sports Injury Medications

Sun lotion


Apply elastic bandages and plastics for minor injuries or damage

Disposable scissors, tweezers and gloves

Medical documents such as a vaccination certificate, a diabetic card, an algal passport, etc.

Important tips!

Take with you all the necessary items according to the individual medications that are needed for you, such as contraceptives, or other medications that you are constantly treated with.

Check your vaccination status at least four weeks before departure and do online searches for the necessary vaccinations you may need before your trip.

Particularly for longer or long-distance vacations, be sure to consult with a doctor or pharmacist you trust before leaving.

What care should you take regarding your medications?


In principle, you can take with you the amount of medication you need to use even when you are on vacation.

Do not take too many medications because most medicines have a limited shelf life.

Some medicines must be stored in specific conditions or become unusable due to heat.

When traveling outside the EU, there may be different rules for taking your medication with you. Some countries require a declaration of a specific medication upon entering that country or a medical certificate of use.

Keep your medication in your luggage if you are traveling by air. Thus, they will be well protected against loss or damage during transport.


Remember Travel Health Insurance

Everyone traveling to EU countries, or even elsewhere around the world, must have travel health insurance with them. This insurance covers medical expenses in case of emergency in a foreign country. Shop online at: