Running a successful business or a company means managing all the details without turning a blind eye to the big picture. Rome was not built in a day because it takes a long time to achieve great things!

Regardless of the size or nature of your business or a company, one thing always remains the same is the need to provide it and your employees. The various aspects that you will consider in choosing the type of insurance cover are numerous, also depending on the range of projects you are implementing or for reviewing or renewing your current insurance.  As each business / company is different, each insurance policy must comply with the different requirements of the insurance need (s). For example, a company that manufactures goods needs a different insurance than a company that provides services. Regardless of the scenario, many businesses / companies share similarities.

Business / company insurance regardless of the nature of the business guarantees financial protection from astronomical payments that may result from accidents, serious injuries, disabilities, loss of life, property damage and disputes that may arise between the parties. For this reason it is in your business / companies’ favor to choose the right insurance coverage for any unexpected risks, without compromising the success of the project, the company and the well-being of your employees.


According to the latest data from the Institute of Public Health (IPH), the number of people injured at work in the first 6 months of 2019 is 90 accidents and 25 dead. For a relatively small country like Albania this is a pretty high figure since every resource is precious. But as accidents and unexpected happen, and what businesses can do very well is to control what they can by taking precautionary measures to reduce risk.

By securing your business and its associated risks, you will no longer let things remain at the mercy of luck. By doing general public liability insurance, employee indemnity insurance, professional liability (for errors), property insurance, facility and commercial vehicle insurance, life insurance and accident insurance for all your employees and assets, you will you have all the financial support and protection to manage any risk.


SIGAL UNIQA Group AUSTRIA can be your partner in helping and supporting you with comprehensive product and service packages that provide the one that works best for you:


Insurance of all risks in the construction phase of buildings (buildings, factories, plants, airports, bridges, highways);

Insurance of all risks in assembly and disassembly;

Ensure a safety deadline after completion of works;

Insurance of damages that may be caused to the contractor, subcontractor and damages caused to third parties;

Insurance of health and life of workers from accidents on construction sites.



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