Safety Tips for Safe Schools

The end of summer break marks the beginning of the new school year and early September is the time when schools need to prepare to welcome their students for the start of the new school season. These preparations may begin before the start of the new school year, during which the risk management and safety of schools must be carefully reviewed and monitored. To help schools start the new school year with confidence, SIGAL UNIQA School Security Experts have prepared some quick tips on returning to safe schools to advise and assist teachers, staff members , visitors and students to schools that they will be safe at all times in their school environments as well as outside.



Returning to school, especially after a long break, is an interesting and exciting time where students want to share their summer experiences with their friends and teachers. However, as with anything in life, there are always disasters and unexpected opportunities that can occur during school time that endanger teachers, students, parents and other hazards. Below you will find some safety tips in public and private schools, of all levels, to include in their preparation for the new school year so teachers, parents, and students can have guaranteeing the safety of schools throughout the school year.


Today technology plays a pivotal role in making sure that different announcements pass quickly and directly to everyone. Communication tools available for these purposes normally range from voice announcements to online school portals, and to the various social media platforms available on mobile. To increase security, schools may announce throughout the school year about upcoming projects and activities or renovations to school environments and infrastructure.


Receiving students in the morning and taking them out of school is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Moreover, teachers are even more likely to notice any possible irregularities, since they spend most of the day with their students in schools.



All schools in the pre-university education system in the Republic of Albania have the legal obligation to establish a ‘School Health, Safety, Maintenance and Environment Commission’, which consists of teachers, parents and pupils selected by the ‘Teachers’ Council,’ The Parents’ Council and the ‘Student Government’ of the school and overseeing all conditions for the preservation of health, hygiene, cleanliness, the environment, the safety of students and staff and the maintenance and maintenance of facilities and equipment.



The school’s management staff (s) is responsible for notifying the health emergency, organizing transportation for the student or teaching staff and instructing them to do so, as well as notifying parents. One (1) teacher for 400 students must have been trained and possess the ‘Certificate of First Aid Administration’.



Periodically reviewing the safety system and evacuation plans for fires, floods or earthquakes and coordinating with the Fire, Emergency, and Police Service in the relevant city where your school is located are concrete measures on the proper functioning of the school (s) where each you are informed of all the measures and steps to be taken in an emergency. For this reason all schools must have: a) Emergency numbers displayed – police, firefighters, emergency; b) teachers and pupils are instructed and trained in the steps of action in schools for extraordinary events – fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.




1) Student accident insurance

o The student accident insurance policy aims to provide financial protection for the student if the latter, during school activity, suffers an accident that brings medical expenses to the family.

o This option provides: a) Financial protection of up to 100,000 ALL / year for any insured student who, due to an accident or illness, receives medical services in a private hospital, accompanied by a receipt; b) Indemnity of up to ALL 500,000 if the parent of the child during an insurance period suffers an accident causing loss of life or incapacity to work.

o Annual premium if provided: a) All students of your educational institution for 700 ALL / year; b) Part of pupils / students of your educational institution for 1,500 ALL / year (for sports teams or pupils


2) Providing pedagogical staff

o The insurance policy for the pedagogical staff aims to provide financial protection for the insured person if the latter becomes ill, gets injured, wants to perform an annual check up and wants to have a higher pension at retirement age.

o Coverage 1: Disease insurance, if staff need hospitalization because they become ill or injured SIGAL UNIQA will cover all costs and bills up to 50,000 Euro, also staff will have coverage offering 1 check up (analysis that aim at preventing malignant diseases) at the Intermedica clinic.

o Coverage 2: Accident insurance, if staff need hospitalization examinations such as Scanners or Magnetic Resonance because SIGAL UNIQA accident will cover all costs and bills up to 2,000 Euros, staff will also have coverage providing compensation for family to the extent of the sum insured if your staff loses life.

o Coverage 3: Additional retirement age.

o The formula for having these coverages is ALL 2,000 per month for 1 + 2 coverages.


3) Liability insurance

o This insurance is offered to cover the insured against bodily and property damage caused to third parties through activity in its premises (this includes third parties who are permanent school visitors but also casual visitors).

o In addition to indemnity, the insurance company also covers the costs of representation and legal assistance.

o Maximum indemnity limit: 10,000,000 ALL for an event where the Insured (your educational institution) is legally responsible and for all events within the insurance period.

o Annual Insurance Premium: ALL 30,000 / year


4) Securing the building

o With this product SIGAL UNIQA Group AUSTRIA Sh.a indemnifies you for the loss, damage or destruction of property secured in an unexpected, unforeseen and accidental manner as a result of fire and its additional risks (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft Fallout). or parts thereof, coverage of waste cleaning costs, Earthquake, Flood, Pipeline Leakage, Storm).

o Amount Secured: Investment Value (Buildings + Equipment).

o Annual insurance premium: 0.2% of the insured amount.


5) Insurance of vehicles owned by the institution or owned by the teaching staff

5.1 TPL (for Third Party Responsibilities):

– This insurance is valid for the territory of the Republic of Albania and the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

– Not valid in other countries.

– For more details click on and be informed in details:


5.2 Casco (motor vehicle insurance itself) for the risks:

Accidental injuries

– Breaking glass

– Fire, Lightning, Explosion

Natural disasters

Total vehicle theft

Damage to parking by another vehicle

– Damages and malicious acts


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