Time consumers!

Digital Detox “OFFLINE”

There is no movement without counter movement.

The latest trend is called digital or offline network Detox and within real life

Experts agree that this difficult phenomenon began sometime around 2007. Until then, computers were a device that used to stay in the office or at home and only used at certain times. With the first ‘iphone’, it became possible to keep up with it by being constantly online and available with unimaginable consequences.

Stress 24/7

If a few years ago in the history of mobile device development you only had the choice between communicating by phone or SMS with each other, there are now a multitude of channels available that compete for our attention. The constant buzzing or ringing of our cell phones causes the release of stress hormones in the body. Increasingly short time experiences in 24/7, leads every person, regardless of age and professional group, to enter in a stressful area, thereby changing our well-being and cognitive abilities.

Facebook makes you sad

This stress manifests itself at the physical level, for example, with headaches or other degenerative changes, especially the spinal cord due to constant bad practices, but also affecting our behavior and emotions. Experts say that, for many teens, the constant comparison and pressure they receive directly from social media weakens their self-esteem. This shifts the balance of life out of balance.

Live life Instead of ‘Making Your Life for Show’

Now is the time to live your life instead of stalking or experiencing it through internet filters. ‘Offline’ is not a luxury but our birthright! Just as the car is now changing the meaning of the status symbol between means of transportation, it is also time for your cellphones to turn from the dominant consumer of your time to their utility in assisting in daily life activities.

Electronic Detox

Digital detox is the magic word of the moment, even outside camps being offered the option of removing mobile devices from all participants (mostly children) while camping or having no hotel or outdoor network coverage. Much more crucial is that such vacations without mobile devices become part of your daily life planning where you can learn again, how to perceive your life with all your senses, and not allow the pace of your life to be dictated by a small device in your pocket.

Sport like an analog oasis

In order to get away from the constant stress caused by being online 24/7, sports are a great solution that reduces the frequency of headaches, improves sleep quality and reduces emotional stress. Systematic training, outdoor sports, as well as conscious and slow movements such as yoga, are generally considered useful tools for all age groups in order to take things easy and smoothly.

Cellphone free zone

However, we should have areas or times when we have no cell phones at all. No basic necessities like eating, sleeping or taking care of the body should be done in the presence of cell phones. Health trainers offer some quick and useful tips for a “digital detox”:

  1. Determine a fixed time when you will keep your cellphone on and off every day;
  2. Meet your friends and family more often and communicate with them directly ‘offline’;
  3. Turn off your cellphone at least 20 minutes, but it would be better 90 minutes before bedtime;
  4. Change the instant notification options on your screen without stopping and manually sync all the apps to your needs to control your mobile and not mobile you!
  5. Respond to work emails only in exceptional cases during your free time;
  6. Create and implement an analog list of adventures;
  7. Enjoy a full and warm day every week;
  8. Use a wake-up device instead of a cellphone.